... works under various names as a creative technologist, theatre maker, performer, hardware reverse engineer so-called hacker, sometimes essayist and human rights engineer. Often in collaboration with other artists, activists or institutions. Here you will find information on non-industry related creative projects. For research and work in hardware reverse engineering see deadhacker.com instead. For work in support of human rights defenders see nocompany.co.

The History of Korean Western Theater / Boys Space / Cuckoo / The Hairs Of Your Head Are Numbered / You Are Out There / Situation Rooms / X Shared Spaces / Looking for Lena / Human Simulation / Paradies Road / Protektoramea / Anonymous P. / Right is the Might of the Community / The Nature of Conflict is Changing / Exploit in Theater / Always On / N0n White Heterosexua1 Male License / Forgiveness is Entropy / Schoolyard Diplomacy / Specter of Crypto Anarchy / Hermann's Battle / Hekmek / Gold Panda Album Release Tour