... works under various names as a creative technologist, theatre maker, performer, hardware reverse engineer so-called hacker, sometimes essayist and human rights engineer. Often in collaboration with other artists, activists or institutions. Currently a fellow at PACT Zollverein. Here you will find information on non-industry related creative projects. For research and work in hardware reverse engineering see deadhacker.com instead. For work in support of human rights defenders see nocompany.co.

aLifveForms Harte Identitätsgabelung / The History of Korean Western Theater / Boys Space / Cuckoo / The Hairs Of Your Head Are Numbered / You Are Out There / Situation Rooms / X Shared Spaces / Looking for Lena / Human Simulation / Paradies Road / Protektoramea / Anonymous P. / Right is the Might of the Community / The Nature of Conflict is Changing / Exploit in Theater / Always On / N0n White Heterosexua1 Male License / Forgiveness is Entropy / Schoolyard Diplomacy / Specter of Crypto Anarchy / Hermann's Battle / Hekmek / Gold Panda Album Release Tour