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I work under various names and rarely with a real name. I am trying to reduce the currency of attribution in my work and maybe remove one white-male name from a picture of history falsely oversaturated with them. It has also helped me remember to question what place or value ego is meant to have.


I have spent one third of my life in the United States, one third in the Israeli and Palestinian territories, and one third in Germany. I lived and worked illegally in the territories, obtaining a new tourist visa every 3 months through exit and re-entry for over 7 years, having no legal option to obtain permanent residency. While there I worked teaching new technical skills to adults which I found highly rewarding. I also worked as a hardware security analyst in the satellite tv industry which while being incredibly educational I found ethically questionable.

I collaborated on various artistic projects including organizing typography exhibitions and helping teach hardware prototyping classes at art schools. Upon moving to Europe I studied Interaction Design and began working in theatre and the performing arts. I tend to spend the majority of any surplus time working with activists or human rights organizations.